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Looking for the Right Maria Krocher Priester

I have been looking through Ancestry’s free 15 days, though it is only certain records they are making the 1920 US Federal Census available.

So I decided to look for my great-grandmother Maria Krocher Priester, though I know most of the information I thought I would just type in her name for the search, it yielded 240 results.

Skimming through them I am looking for any that live in Michigan and or in and around Detroit. I always get the same results. Which is Maria Priester as a daughter, but it was crossed out as the wife.

Both Maria Krocher Priester and her daughter also should be listed at this address in 1920 but the mother is written in then crossed out and Marie Priester (daughter) is written in with the right birth year and age.

Anton Priester has the wrong year and age written 1908 and 12 years which should be 1904 and 16 years born in Hungary, and Michael Priester should be 1910 and 9 years at the time of the census, while Elizabeth Priester birth year of 1914 and age 5 is correct.

The other question is who is Joesph Priester, father age 35 and immigrated in 1905. Since the children’s father, Anton Priester died in 25 December 1919, so would not be alive for the census.

So my two big questions are

Where is Maria Kocher Priester the mother?

Who is Joesph Priester?

I know that the answers are out there as are the missed placed photographs from the family.

Anyone who might have information or and idea please do let me know as it is a piece of the research I would like to fill in.